Kellyanne Conway admits administration knew of possible pandemic in early February

We put a China ban in place. It was a very good, a tremendous ban on China. We did it very early, it was terrific and experts said we did a great job with the ban on China.

That’s the been the answer we’ve gotten from President Trump and anyone associated with the administration when asked why the White House waited so long to really do anything to stop the pandemic. Of course, this comes after we’ve learned that the White House knew much earlier than what they let on about the danger and possible pandemic headed our way.

For a while, Trump downplayed the pandemic as nothing more than the flu, saying at one point that it would be down to 1 or 2 cases in a matter of days.

Below is a video of President Trump during a briefing on February 26 in which he says that the risk of the coronavirus to the USA was “very low.” He also, once again, compares it the flu.

Now, after more than 758,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases and more than 40,000 deaths in the United States, senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway admits the administration knew much earlier and still Trump continued to downplay it.

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