Man wearing face mask: Not afraid of virus, not as serious as they made it out to be

The coronavirus pandemic continues. More positive cases of COVID-19 and deaths are uncovered every single day.

A majority of the states in the country still have stay-at-home orders in place. Some have extended those orders and others may be looking at ways to lower those guidelines.

However, the Centers for Disease Control is still recommending people who venture outside to protect themselves against the virus by wearing a mask over their face.

Some, although, aren’t real thrilled with all the safety measures that have been put in place. Particularly in Michigan, people are upset at the governor and have started rallying against her measures.

One man, who attended one of the rally told a reporter that he isn’t afraid of the virus after doing his research. Instead, he said the government and the media have both overreached on the virus.

Although, the man says all this while wearing a face mask.

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