President Trump says ‘mail-in voting is horrible,’ then admits he voted that way in March

Our country is currently fighting the coronavirus as more deaths are reported from it every single day. However, we’re also in the middle of the presidential primary.

While several states have pushed their primaries back due to the highly contagious virus, voting is still a cherished right as an American citizen. As such, a balance must be struck between protecting the health and well-being of citizens and giving those same people the right to vote. Some have suggested allowing anyone who wants the opportunity to mail-in their votes, regardless of the circumstance.

But that suggestion hasn’t sat well with many, saying that mail-in voting allows itself easily to corruption. One of those people that has come out against that idea has been President Trump. Trump has used that argument, saying it lends itself to corruption.

But during Tuesday’s press briefing, he admitted that was how he voted just last month in Florida’s primary.

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