Megyn Kelly rips CNN’s Don Lemon: ‘CNN still pretends he is an objective anchor’

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Megyn Kelly asked Donald Trump about his comments on women. Trump cried unfair question, attacked the former Fox News host by saying “she had blood coming out of her wherever” and so therefore, MAGA nation still has a strong dislike of Kelly.

President Trump also isn’t a fan of CNN and basically anyone who works with or is even associated with the news network. Trump commonly calls them “fake news” and let’s just say, I don’t think Jim Acosta is on his Christmas card list. And likewise, Trump’s most dedicated followers, the MAGA crowd, hate CNN.

So what happens when Megyn Kelly takes on CNN? Whose side are the MAGA people compelled to take?

On Twitter, Kelly called out Don Lemon’s coverage and commentary of President Trump’s Monday coronavirus press briefing.

Yes, it is ridiculous that Lemon is still allowed to put himself out there as an objective journalist/anchor. If you want to be a journalist, be a journalist. If you want to be a commentator, be a commentator.

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