Trump calls Fox News reporter ‘horrid’ for asking question about testing shortages

President Donald Trump is a guy the needs to be praised and told how great he is and anything less than that will just not suffice.

Trump is also someone who constantly speaks in generalities. Everything is either “tremendous,” terrific” “the best ever,” or if we’re lucky or unlucky, all three. But when he’s asked to give a specific answer, to provide an actual answer to a question, he very often lashes out.

That’s exactly what happened during Monday’s coronavirus task force briefing. Fox News reporter Kristin Fisher asked Trump about an Inspector general report that found hospitals are dealing with severe shortages of testing and a lack of PPE (personal protective equipment.)

Of course, Trump’s reaction to her question comes after he had just finished patting himself on the back as he told everyone about the “tremendous” amount of testing that had completed.

After he berates the woman for asking a fair question about a report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Trump tells her he should be praised. He should be given a pat on the back, according to him.

Will be interesting to see if anyone at Fox News Channel stands up for the reporter for asking a totally legitimate question.

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