Really? Reporter asks Trump why grocery stores, fast food restaurants are still open

You’ve likely heard that there are no stupid question. Well, you can throw that out the window because that’s been proven 100%, entirely wrong.

During Sunday’s coronavirus task force press briefing, President Donald Trump was asked what it is likely the dumbest question you’re likely to ever hear.

As the press was going through and asking the various members of the task force questions about this and questions about that, one was asked that caused a lot of people to do a double take.

A reporter from EWTN, the global Catholic Television Network, asked Trump why grocery stores and fast food restaurants haven’t been shut down.

Seriously. Those were words that came out of the mouth of a reporter and asked of the President of the United States.

Perhaps, in the future, that reporter will not be allowed into the briefings. Or at the very least, kept from asking questions.

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