Sean Hannity threatens to ‘sue the media mob’

Sean Hannity is Fox News’ golden boy, bringing in the network’s highest ratings.

Want to hear about how great, wonderful and magnificent President Donald Trump is, was and ever will be without even the slightest bit of objectivity? Then Hannity is your guy.

Anyone who writes or says anything about President Trump that isn’t 100% glowing and fawning in both tone and content will feel the wrath of Hannity. Those people are nothing more than leftist, liberal, snowflakes who are hell-bent on destroying Trump and the United States of America, he’ll say.

Well, now Mr. Fox News is threatening to “sue the media mob.” But not because someone defamed his precious Trump but because they are using Hannity’s own words on the coronavirus against him.

What really got Hannity going on Wednesday evening’s show was a New York Times op-ed by Kara Swisher.

But the following shows Hannity’s quick change in heart about the coronavirus.

Hannity, being the hyperpartisan windbag that he is, will never, ever file a lawsuit. That’s because a courtroom is a place that relies on facts and people like him have a very loose grip on those things. Instead, he says whatever will garner him the highest ratings and favor with his audience, regardless of what he’s saying it true or not.

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