President Trump on coronavirus: ‘This is not the flu. It’s vicious’

The coronavirus continues to infect and kill. Every single day more and more positive tests are confirmed and more people die due to the pandemic in the United States and around the world.

Governors around the country and even the federal government have implemented measures to try and stop the spread of the virus.

But there are still many people out there that insist this is nothing to get all worked up about. What about the flu? How many people have died from the flu, they commonly retort.

Sure, people die from the flu every single year but the coronavirus is much more easily spread and people are dying at a much higher volume.

If that doesn’t work maybe these last few holdouts will be convinced by President Donald Trump admitting during Tuesday’s coronavirus briefing that it is, in fact, not the flu.

Currently, Trump, Pence, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx are saying that if only 100,000 Americans die from the coronavirus that would be a major win.

This is statement is a major change from his previous thinking as he also downplayed the coronavirus less than a month ago.

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