OK? Australian politician, feminist says ‘COVID-19 is a gendered crisis’

People are suffering and dying from the coronavirus pandemic all over the world.

We’re learning of new infections and deaths every single day. It’s shutdown entire countries and wrecked a number of economies but is it too much to ask that the virus not be sexist?

I mean, c’mon? The coronavirus is bad enough already, why does the COVID-19 health crisis have to be gendered in who it affects?

Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned about the coronavirus pandemic, it’s that it chooses who gets and is most affected by it solely and whole on the sex of the individual.

Sadly, that’s exactly what one politician in Australia said, claiming that only women are the one’s suffering during this worldwide pandemic.

Sure, lady, sure.

Oh yeah, more men than women are dying from this crisis and it’s overwhelming.

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