President Trump approval ratings are up as majority of Americans pleased with handling of Coronavirus emergency

With daily press briefings and what seems to be transparency with the American public about the Coronavirus pandemic, President Trump has seen a boost in his approval ratings as most Americans are happy with how he’s handling the situation.

A new ABC News/Ipsos poll conducted March 18 – 19, shows 55 percent of respondents approve of Trump’s management of the public health crisis and 43 percent disapprove. Those numbers are up from a previous poll which showed the President’s approval rating at 43%.

In addition to the measures taken to stop the spread of the virus, President Trump is working with the administration to help small businesses and those hurt by company shut downs stay afloat.

“Today I spoke with our Nation’s Small Businesses, which employ nearly half of America’s workforce. We are taking the MOST aggressive action in history to deliver fast relief to your businesses and workers. We will always protect our Small Businesses!,” he tweeted.

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