OAN reporter asks Trump if ‘Chinese food’ is racist during coronavirus press briefing

Once again, on Thursday morning, President Trump and task force on the coronavirus held a press briefing. They provided updates about the progress they are making, mainly in the terms of testing possible vaccines for the coronavirus.

As has been the case, President Trump, VP Pence and a number of other people on the task force make statements. Following all the statements, they then field questions from the media, which can be on a number of topics. But the last question Trump took during his briefing was from a reporter from OAN (One America Network), a right-wing news network that provides President Trump with very favorable coverage.

Well, anyway, the reporter, began her question line of questioning with perhaps the dumbest question ever: Is Chinese food racist? She then proceeded to say that the mainstream media, many of whom were represented in the room, have been unfair to Trump, particularly on him calling it the “Chinese virus.” She, and her organization, didn’t like the fact that Trump was being called a racist for saying “Chinese virus.”

I get what she was trying to do with her questioning but for someone trying to be a reporter this isn’t the way to go about it and she made herself look really dumb in the process. She was attempting to be a commentator and give her opinion on a subject. That’s not what reporters are supposed to do. They report.

Look, the right has yells and screams about CNN reporters, mainly Jim Acosta, when they attempt to interject his opinion when reporting on a topic.

If reporters want to be reporters, report. Want to be a commentator, fine. Be a commentator.

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