Fake news? Video shows Fox News’ dramatic shift in coronavirus coverage

Fake news.

That’s the two-word phrase that became popular soon after Donald Trump announced his run for the White House. It’s also constantly parroted by anyone and everyone in the MAGA crowd.

Well, a new video shows Fox News pundits as they first called the coronavirus nothing more than an attempt to take down and hurt President Trump. People talking about the dangers of the coronavirus were simply using it as a political weapon against the president, they said.

Forget people all across the world were coming down with a highly contagious virus with no vaccine or cure, the most important thing was to protect President Trump and his poll numbers, according to the Fox News commentators. So, who was really using it as a political weapon?

The video then shows how those very same pundits have dramatically shifted their opinion and feelings on the virus.

So, were those pundits fake news then or are they fake news now?

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