Anti-Trump GOP political analyst: Trump supporters ‘will pay terrible price’ and ‘they deserve it’

The coronavirus is currently wrecking havoc on our country. The NBA, NHL and the NCAA tournament have all either suspended their season or canceled altogether. Our economy is plummeting, having lost more than 2,000 points Thursday.

Everyone is freaking out and trying to protect themselves from the virus.

The government’s response to the virus has been less than desirable, with the uncertainty surrounding the testing kits and where exactly to have a test done.

Needless to say, things aren’t good.

But there are still people who are trying to use this situation for political advantage, both Republicans and Democrats, including President Trump.

But one anti-Trump GOP political consultant said supporters of President Trump will end up paying a terrible price for all their defending of the president and “they deserve it,” according to Rick Wilson.

It’s unclear what exactly he believes supporters of the President “deserve” but given the fact that the coronavirus is a pandemic, one could make a pretty good guess what he means.

A former Indianapolis Star reporter responded to Wilson with a tweet that was nearly as bad.

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