Sarah Palin latest singer unmasked on ‘The Masked Singer’

Well, I certainly didn’t see this one coming!

If you don’t watch “The Masked Singer” on Fox (I’m a bit behind this season), you’re missing out on a fun show. Celebrities don a costume, perform and people try to guess who is behind the mask. They’ve had everyone from Gladys Knight to Victor Olidipo and sometimes it’s really surprising how well some of the contestants can sing.

Last night’s unmasking shocked everyone, including me. The bear was revealed to be none other than former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

And she sang “Baby Got Back.”

What is evening happening??

Palin tweeted, “Yep… t’was me behind the #BearMask, I LOVED singing on The Masked Singer stage ~ it truly was a blast (now that it’s over!!) Great to work with the BEST producers & crew, many of whom have been so good to our family over the years.”

Figured I’d do it because, well, this is America! And don’t you have to conquer a major reality show before big-time politics?!– SP #TheMaskedSinger,” she continued.

Is that a hint she’s going to run for something else or is she just trying to be funny?



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