Bernie Sanders: Coronavirus deaths may surpass US casualties in WWII

People are in a state of panic as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread with more people infected with the virus every day.

The National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League have both suspended their seasons. Major League Baseball has canceled the rest of spring training and will delay the start of their season. The NCAA canceled its tournament.

Many universities have called off in-person classes, telling students to stay off campus. A number of movies have been pushed back months. People are being told to work from home and avoid going into work.

And the stock market is plummeting as it suffered its biggest one-day loss since 1987 Thursday, losing nearly 10%. And with numbers that bad like that, jobs losses are most likely to follow.

I can honestly say that I’ve never seen anything like this. The country is not in a good place.

But as bad as what things are, Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders took things way, way too far. The democratic socialist actually said that he believes the coronavirus may end up killing more people than the number of casualties the armed forces suffered in WWII.

The United States lost around 420,000 people in the Second World War. Things would have to get much, much worse for that to happen.

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