NYT editorial board member: People mocking me for math fail are racist

Math is hard and according to one member of the New York Times editorial board, it’s also a very racist subject.

That’s what Mara Gay is saying after she and Brian Williams proved they were unable to do simple division on national television.

You’ll remember that both Williams and Gay agreed with a tweet that said with the $500 million Michael Bloomberg spent on ads during his presidential campaign he would’ve been able to give all 327 million people a $1 million.

Yeah, that’s not the case….at all. And for agreeing with such a stupid statement both Williams and Gay were rightfully ridiculed. But of course, if you did mock Gay, you’re an obvious racist!

You see, Gay is a black woman and in her piece, she picks out a few Twitter comments she received from racist morons to say that anyone who mocked her did so because she is a strong, black woman. They hate her because she exists, according to Gay.

Why does everything always have to come down to skin color? Why can’t you simply say you got this one wrong and move on? She complains that she became an overnight social media sensation and not in a good way. So, the next logical way for people to forget your mistake is to write a column about it, right?

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