Tulsi Gabbard blasts DNC for changing qualifying standards, excluding her from debate

So most people believe or want to believe that the Democratic presidential field is down to just two candidates: former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The Democrat National Committee is apart of that group that believes or really wishes Biden and Bernie were the only two left. The far-left socialist, Fidel Castro apologist against Barack Obama’s moderate VP who get lashes out at voters way too much and forgets even more.

Yes, this is the matchup the DNC wants, and everyone with more than a couple brain cells knows the DNC ultimately wants Biden to come out the victor.

But there is still one other candidate running. Despite having absolutely not path to the nomination, Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is still running for president. And Gabbard, who had initially qualified for the March 15 debate, is no longer eligible after the DNC changed the rules on her.

Well, Gabbard isn’t real thrilled with those changes obviously meant to keep her off the debate stage and went on Fox News to voice her concerns.

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