Brian Stelter posts trailer of CNN’s documentary about disinformation, gets roasted on social media

Brian Stelter is CNN’s chief media correspondent. That simply means he spends his one hour a week on CNN breaking down President Trump’s weekly typos on Twitter and giving airtime to serious 2020 presidential candidates like Michael Avenatti.

On Friday, Stelter posted the trailer for a new documentary from CNN and HBO called “After Truth.” As described by the Reliable Sources host, the film is “about the victims of disinformation, its perpetrators and its consequences.”

Well, like with much of what Stelter does, the lack of self-awareness was astounding. Yes, disinformation and fake news exists but when a news organization that has been responsible for spreading fake news themselves has the guts to actually produce a documentary about the subject, it’s kind of mind blowing.

Of course, those on social media had a few questions and comments for Stelter prior to viewing the film.

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