Math fail: Brian Williams, NYT Editorial Board member can’t do math

Math is hard. Not only are there numbers, at times they even include letters and other weird indecipherable figures.

Well, it’s safe to say that Brian Williams and New York Times Editorial Board member Mara Gay didn’t get very far in their math.

On Thursday night, in an attempt to try and say there is way too much money in politics, they brought up a tweet accusing former New York City Michael Bloomberg of sinking an insane amount of money in his campaign.

They tweet said Bloomberg spent $500 million on ads and that was enough to give all 327 million citizens in the United States a million dollars.

Anyone with an IQ in double digits can easily tell that’s not right, as it comes out to a little more than a $1.

But nevertheless, both of them agreed with the tweet’s conclusion.

To say that’s embarrassing

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