Really? People are actually upset about Warren dropping out

Elizabeth Warren, despite the media’s help, will not be the Democrats’ nominee for president.

On Thursday, the Massachusetts senator ended her 2020 presidential bid. The once front runner will now be watching from the sidelines.

During her speech as she mentioned that she would no longer be running, Warren said that one of the worst things about ending her campaign is breaking the promises of all those little girls out there.

Warren went on to say that she was saddened that those girls will have to wait a little longer to see a woman president.

Yes, Warren is a member of the same party that tells anyone who focuses too long on sex that they are a sexist. But of course we should all be saddened that Warren will not be president for the simple fact that she’s….a woman or to put it correctly, a liberal woman who holds all the “correct positions.”

Following her announcement, #ThankYouElizabeth Warren began trending on Twitter as people sent out their congratulatory remarks to Warren and her failed campaign.

Oh, how sad indeed.

People are actually mourning Elizabeth Warren exiting the race. Warren, of course, is the same woman who came in third in her home state of Massachusetts.

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