Hallmark cut out ‘Unplanned”s award nomination from the network broadcast

“Unplanned”, the pro-life film about former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson, was nominated for several Movieguide Awards, but when the nomination ceremony aired on Hallmark Drama, the network mysteriously cut that part out of the broadcast.

“It’s one thing to cut the speech, it happens all the time, but the show completely erased us in the nominee announcements. Every other nominee was announced. There’s no excuse, even if they say it’s time. It takes a millisecond to show our nominee clip,” said Ashley Bratcher, who stars in the movie.

She later updated to said no one has heard from the network or been given a reason as to why that portion was pulled from the broadcast.

“Update: At this point, no one has come forward with a statement as to why @UnplannedMovie and I were completely erased from the MovieGuide Awards on Hallmark. I anxiously await a response. Thank you to everyone who is pressing for an answer,” she tweeted.

Fans of the movie want to know why.

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