Bloomberg attacks Sanders over gun policies, says the NRA ‘paved the road to Washington’ for him

Michael Bloomberg, who founded Everytown for Gun Safety, is attacking Sen. Bernie Sanders over his past votes on 2A issues, saying the NRA ” paved the road to Washington” for Sanders.

“He spent the next three decades making sure they got a return on their investment. We deserve a president who is not beholden to the gun lobby,” Bloomberg tweeted.

Then went on to say, “We already have a president who caves to the NRA. We don’t need another one.”

“We can’t have a nominee who has voted to:
– Block the Brady Bill 5 times
– Allow guns on trains and planes
– Protect gun manufacturers from lawsuits
– Prohibit funding for research into stopping gun violence

Unlike Bernie Sanders, I will always take the fight to the gun lobby,” he concluded.


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