Dumbest use of money ever: Bloomberg campaign has message for Trump in Phoenix

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to be the Democratic nominee for president and he’s spending like it.

Before Wednesday evening, the billionaire hadn’t appeared with his fellow candidates and given his horrible debate performance, it’s easy to see why. Instead, Bloomberg has run a campaign consisting basically of television ads, spending hundreds of millions of dollars to blanket the media markets of Super Tuesday states with Bloomberg for President 2020 ads.

On Thursday evening, President Donald Trump held a rally in Phoenix, Arizona. But as Trump was coming into town, Bloomberg and his team made sure to have something waiting for the president.

Are they dumb? Stupid? Childish? Petty? Something Trump would also do in a heartbeat? Yes, yes, yes, yes and a 1,000 times yes.

Whomever on his campaign thought this was a good idea needs their heads examined. They don’t help you get one single vote.

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