Desperate much? Elizabeth Warren demanding Bloomberg make all NDAs null and void

Elizabeth Warren isn’t going to be the Democratic nominee for president. Her poll numbers have really fallen and as the campaign as progressed, she’s just looked more and more desperate.

Bloomberg, despite his bad debate performance, seems to have all the momentum on his side, at least for the moment.

Warren, like the other Democrats in the race, continues to attack Bloomberg. But Warren’s attacks against the former mayor of New York City just make her and her campaign look extremely weak.

During the debate, she hit Bloomberg for what he has supposedly said to and about women. On CNN Thursday night, she talked about and held a document that would make all of the non-disclosure agreements Bloomberg has other people sign null and void.

She wants to her “their stories.” No, she doesn’t wants to use others for her personal gain. She doesn’t care a bit about those people that Bloomberg may have mistreated or talked badly toward. All Elizabeth Warren is concerned about is her saving her sinking ship of a campaing.

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