Sanders spokesperson: Asking about Bernie’s medical records is a smear campaign

Bernie Sanders is currently the front runner for the Democratic presidential nomination. Of course, Saturday’s outcome from Nevada could completely change that but, as it stands now, Sanders has all the momentum.

But as the Sanders campaign is quickly finding out, being the front runner comes with its challenges.

Late last year, Bernie Sanders took several days off from the campaign trail after suffering a heart attack. A heart attack isn’t like the common cold, where you’re sneezing or wiping your nose for week and then you move on. It’s a serious medical condition.

As such, especially for someone running to be the President of the United States, the voters have a right to know about the candidates medical history. But if you ask the Sanders campaign such an inquiry is a smear campaign, aimed at taking the wind of the Sanders campaign.

She’s wrong and so is anyone else who may say the medical history of any candidate isn’t part of the information voters deserve to know before voting for someone.

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