Ocasio-Cortez asked about Sanders, ‘Bernie Bros’ on ‘The View,’ doesn’t answer question

The internet can be a dangerous and ugly place where people can easily hide behind keyboards and simply post absolute racist and sexist garbage.

It’s on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and anywhere else people congregate to discuss, well, anything.

One group of people who have become especially nasty are the online community supporting Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. They’ve since become known as “Bernie Bros.” Anytime someone says anything negative about the 78-year-old socialist’s ideas or plans, they come out in full force, often with name-calling, memes or photoshopped images.

Simply put, they lash out irrationally anytime someone mildly questions their frail, spectacle-wearing government-loving God, Bernie Sanders.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Sanders supporter, appeared on The View and was asked about the Bernie Bros but instead of actually answering the question, she answers in sweeping generalities about internet culture, as a whole.

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