Sanders, Bloomberg campaigns get in social media spat

The Democrats do not want Bernie Sanders to be their nominee. Even though Sanders is the front runner after the mess that was/is Iowa and New Hampshire, the Democratic establishment so wishes he wasn’t in that position.

Of course, Democrats will never publicly admit they’d rather the 78-year-old socialist would go back to Vermont and find a nice commune.

Now, Michael Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor, looks to be the party’s best chance to stop a Sanders nomination. Bloomberg, who has spent hundreds of millions already and will more than likely spend hundreds of millions more, is rising in the polls.

Bernie, seeing Bloomberg’s steady rise and knowing that he has more than enough money to compete, released a video attacking the billionaire over the weekend.

And in true political fashion, on Monday, Bloomberg released a video responding, in which his campaign criticizes Bernie and his “Bernie Bros,” saying that they aren’t want the party needs to defeat Trump in November.

No matter what eventually happens, its going to be fun to watch how and when the party tries to stop a Sanders nomination.

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