OK? Actor stumping for Buttigieg: We need someone who can fix the economy

When it comes to Hollywood, they are big supporters of the Democrats, for the most part.

Sure you’ll get one of two actors or actresses that’ll come out and voice their support for a Republican here and there. However, it’s usually someone you’ve never heard of from a show you and I have never heard of or they are just not relevant at all.

But while Hollywood does support the Dems and often go out and campaign for them, those actors and actresses usually aren’t all that informed on the issues.

For instance, Keegan-Michael Key was out on the campaign trail for former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg and made a really rather shocking and frankly stupid statement.

The comedic actor said we need someone in the White House who can fix the economy. Now, for all of Trump’s faults and missteps in other areas, it’s hard to argue with his economic numbers.

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