Abortion doctor’s ‘day is made’ when he sees a ‘familiar face’

Abortion is a big, money-making industry for the left. They go on and on about “reproductive freedom” and spout wickedly clever sayings such as “my body, my choice.” But try and put any kind of restriction on the killing the unborn and Planned Parenthood and their baby-killing ilk will march up and down, ranting and raving about oppression, the 1950s and all kinds of utter nonsense.

When it comes to abortion activists and their antics, it can get pretty disgusting. They shout their abortion on social media to try and remove the shame of ending the life of another human being. They continue to tell us that it’s not actually a human life, it’s a fetus. It doesn’t feel pain, they tell us. No, it’s all a harmless procedure.

Sadly, we aren’t able to get the comments and opinions from the victims of abortion activists. But now even some doctors are getting into the disgusting display of basically celebrating the snuffing out of a human being inside the womb.

How did we ever fall so far as a society?

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