‘The American Independent’ reporter shows once again why people aren’t fans of the media

In 2016, the mainstream media and well, nearly everyone else had the presidential election entirely wrong.

Hillary Clinton is going to be president. She’s going to win in an historic landslide. Get ready to start saying Madame President. That’s just a smattering of what we heard over and over and over again from “the people who know.”

Well, as it turns out that wasn’t the case and four years later, President Donald Trump is gearing up for his re-election campaign and Hillary Clinton is off walking in the woods somewhere or…something.

Regardless, Trump won and the media was nearly 100% wrong on their prediction and yet it still appears that some of them still haven’t learned anything from talking down to blue collar, middle class people in middle America.

A reporter from something called The American Independent, Emily Singer believes that NASCAR events are nothing but trashy people doing doing trashy things. Add in the President of the United States and you’ve got a white trash party, according to Singer.

I’m not a NASCAR fan myself but there’s absolutely no reason to talk about and talk down to people with such contempt and utter disregard.

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