Warren proposes $1 trillion for environmental justice, wants a ‘Blue New Deal’

Elizabeth Warren’s campaign is in serious, serious trouble. She came in third in Iowa and fourth in New Hampshire, which neighbors the state she represents in the U.S. Senate, Massachusetts.

Following her disappointing finish in New Hampshire, the campaign announced they were pulling ads in both South Carolina and Nevada. Nevada and South Carolina are the next two states to hold primaries, of course.

So, even someone with a little bit of common sense would be able to detect that perhaps things aren’t in great shape for the Warren for President campaign.

Well, Warren hasn’t dropped out of the race yet, so what do you do if you’re concerned about both money and support, with a campaign teetering? You promise another great big, expensive expansive government program. And that’s exactly what Warren has done.

While campaigning in Virginia, the Massachusetts senator promised to allocate $1 trillion for environmental justice, stating that not only does she support The Green New Deal, she wants a Blue New Deal for our oceans.

Yes, she is going to continue to try and buy votes without even a smidgen of shame until she eventual drops out.

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