Comedian Samantha Bee hits PragerU: ‘Bullsh** conservative propaganda’

So Samantha Bee is a comedian and if you haven’t heard, she’s not a big fan of Republicans, conservatives or anything that isn’t completely and totally woke.

Bee is also the host of “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” on TBS. Now, from the little that I’ve seen of her program, she takes current news items, applies liberal talking points, a healthy dose of arrogance, sarcasm, pretension and hubris to try and produce laughter.

Basically, it’s the Daily Show minus Jon Stewart and the mildly entertaining material.

Keeping up with her brand, Bee recently went after the conservative outlet, PragerU or Prager University.

One of her biggest problems with the organization seems to be that it’s not an actual university. Anyone with anything resembling an IQ could easily decipher that you cannot actually attend PragerU.

Maybe, much like someone who comes across her television program, she just shouldn’t watch their videos. Perhaps no one has told her that that is an option.

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