Author upset over South Park, says ‘it’s impossible to overstate cultural damage’ caused by the show

South Park recently finished its 23rd season. Yes, Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman have been on television for more than two decades.

The show has been able to stay relevant for so long due to constant skewering of modern society. No matter what you think of the program’s content and yes, it is often profane, crass, vulgar and off-the-wall weird, it’s served an important role in society. It’s acted as a mirror for society, mocking and forcing us to look at the absurdities all around us.

The show has lampooned everybody. It doesn’t pull any punches as it goes as its gone after conservatives, Christians, Donald Trump, transgenders, anti-smoking zealots, environmentalists and yes, even liberals.

But for one author, South Park is just way too much to take. According to her, “it’s impossible to overstate the cultural damage caused by South Park.”

This kind of self-righteousness is the very thing that the show continuously mocks. But she goes on as says “the show taught that mockery is the only ultimate inoculation against all criticism.”

Maybe some should explain the concept of satire to this woman, after she gets off her high horse, of course.

People responded, trying to explain why she is absolutely wrong but I’m guessing with someone as smug and humorless as this woman, it’s all in vain.

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