Woman at University of Virginia: ‘There’s just too many white people in here’

The left loves, absolutely loves talking about race. If leftists aren’t accusing others of being a racist with their racist actions motivated by their overtly racist thoughts are they really, truly living?

Likewise, the media enjoys stories that could, maybe, might have something to do with race. If that’s any angle where race can be used in a story, you better believe that’s how they are going to come at it.

One of the places where the media and leftists like to go in order to find those racists to fulfill their narrative is the college campus. Yes, the good old, open-minded campus. You know it, it’s the place where free speech is encouraged, disagreement is welcomed and to encounter other points of view from people who may not look like you.

Sure, at least that’s the intended purpose of a college education. But we all know that’s not usually what happens.

For instance, a woman on at the University of Virginia, actually stood up and gave a “public service announcement” claiming that she and the people of color get nervous when there are “too many white people around.” She tells those in the room to just be cognizant of that fact.

Oh, did I also mention that the place where she gave her racist announcement was in “the multicultural room” It’s a place literally designed for people of other cultures, but apparently not.

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