What? ‘Broke college student’ gives Warren half of the money in her bank account

Running for office is expensive. Not only in terms of money but in the amount of time it consumes as well.

However, because politicians are blood-sucking parasites looking to help themselves, collecting more monetary funds to fulfill their run to “help us” is always on their mind.

Tuesday night, as the returns were coming in in New Hampshire, Elizabeth Warren appeared on MSNBC to talk about the state of her campaign following her fourth place finish in New Hampshire. She attempted to put on a brave face, giving the impression that her campaign isn’t in trouble when she brought out an interesting anecdote.

Warren said that following her speech in New Hampshire Wednesday evening, a “broke college student” came up to her and stated that despite her large amount of student loan debt, she wanted to still wanted to give Warren money.

How much did this student have? A whopping $6 and she gave Warren $3….and her campaign took it.

Now, people can spend their money however they see fit but for her and her campaign to take it and then talk about that on national TV as if that’s something heroic on her part is kind of mind-blowing.

Also, doesn’t Warren wonder why someone who would make such a terrible financial decision give to her campaign?

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