Protestor interrupts Bloomberg rally, runs up on stage

After Tuesday’s contest in New Hampshire, the field is started to thing…a little bit. Andrew Yang announced he was exiting stage left and taking his $1,000 a month idea with him. The Yang Gang will need several days to recover, I’m sure.

Then on Wednesday, former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick hoped out of the race. But let’s be honest, did anyone really know this guy was evening running? The only two times you heard his name or saw it in print were the beginning and ending of his campaign.

You gotta think Elizabeth Warren is likely the next to fall. She’s had two very poor showings, with New Hampshire being especially damaging to her campaign.

Also, things aren’t looking too good for old Uncle Joe. The former Vice President had another pitiful night as his campaign exited the Granite state with no delegates. At this point, it’s a South Carolina victory or bust for the former Delaware senator.

Despite all of that sad, depressing news for so many campaigns, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is still standing. Bloomberg and his team weren’t concerned about the Iowa and New Hampshire and also don’t seem too interested South Carolina and Nevada.

Why? Bloomberg is loaded with a capital L.

And he’s using his considerable wealth to his advantage. One woman, though, doesn’t appreciate that fact.

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