Elizabeth Warren says ‘Trump is the enemy’

The Democrats are in New Hampshire Tuesday night as voters in the Live Free of Die state make their voices heard in the presidential primary.

Hopefully, things go a tad smoother than Iowa but let’s face it, they can’t get any worse. But for a few campaigns and candidates, things good get much worse Tuesday and the returns start coming in.

Former Vice President Joe Biden desperately needs a decent, if not good showing, given his fourth place finish in Iowa. Elizabeth Warren, the senator from neighboring Massachusetts, could also use a good night.

But from everything out there, it appears Bernie Sanders, from next door in Vermont, has the momentum.

Tuesday night comes after a week of Democrats sniping at one another, both on the issues and personal petty differences. However, Elizabeth Warren while campaigning in New Hampshire made sure Dems knew who, in her words, is “the enemy”: President Donald Trump.

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