Andrew Yang slammed by Democrats for saying abortion shouldn’t be celebrated

Democrats used to say abortion should be “safe, legal and rare” but over the past five years, that attitude has grossly shifted toward abortion at any stage of the pregnancy, with some like Gov. Ralph Northam advocating for infanticide.

Businessman and presidential hopeful Andrew Yang found himself being stoned by Democrats this weekend after telling the host of a presidential forum on Saturday that abortion isn’t something that should be celebrated.

“I think we have to get back to the point where no one is suggesting that we be celebrating an abortion at any point in the pregnancy,” Yang said. “There was a time in Democratic circles where we used to talk about it being something, like, that you don’t like to see, but should be within the freedoms of the woman and the mother to decide.”

He went on to add:

There is a really important tone to set on this, where you don’t just say, like, we’re absolutist about it, though I have to say I am relatively absolutist about it on this. Like I think that it should be completely up to the woman and her doctor and the state should not be intervening all the way through pregnancy. But it’s a tragedy to me if someone decides they don’t want to have a child and they’re on the fence and then maybe at some point later; it’s a very difficult personal decision and it’s something that we should be very, very sensitive to. I think that celebrating children, family, like these are universal human values and if we manage to lead on that and say that we also stand for women’s reproductive rights, I believe we can bring Americans closer together on a really, really important personal issue.

Democrats did not like his comments, with some saying he was pushing the forced birth narrative.


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