Video perfectly captures current state of the Iowa Democratic Party

The Iowa Democratic Party is an absolute mess.

The Iowa caucus was a week ago Monday and it wasn’t until Thursday or Friday that 100% were actually in, counted and released. But that hasn’t given the Democrats must confidence in the results.

Pete Buttigieg’s campaign has a tenth of a percent lead of Vermont senator Bernie Sanders and both campaigns, as expected, have filed recanvass claims.

While it may still be weeks before we ever get the actual results out of Iowa, no matter what happens this whole fiasco makes everyone involved looked like a bunch of incompetent fools, the Iowa Democratic Party in particular.

On Monday, the chair of the Iowa Democratic Party was answering questions about the results and why things can’t be changed even though they know the numbers aren’t correct.

Makes sense, right?

This guy has to resign after this whole debacle is figured out. How can you screw something this important up so badly?

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