Chris Matthews ‘doesn’t like socialism’ and says ‘it doesn’t freaking work’

On Friday night, the Democrats hoping to occupy the Oval Office got together once again to yell at one another about the issues.

Right away, as could’ve been expected, most of the field came out former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Then him and Sanders traded some barbs and then Joe Biden, fresh off his pitiful showing in Iowa, went after the Vermont senator.

After hearing how bad things in the United States are, how wondrous socialism is and listening to them bicker back and forth about the same issues for the 15th time, an hour is likely the most any normal person can stand.

Nevertheless, one of the more interesting things surrounding Friday evening’s debate didn’t even take place on the debate stage. It came after, on MSNBC and came out of Chris Matthews’ mouth, if you can believe that.

Matthews, when providing his post debate analysis, said he’s not so keen on the Democrats’ insistence on pushing socialism. In fact, the MSNBC commentator said he that after visiting places like Vietnam and Cuba, he doesn’t particularly get down with socialism.

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