Natalie Portman had names of female directors who weren’t nominated for Oscars embroidered on dress

The Oscars were last night. Did you watch? If not, it was the usual fare – celebs using the stage as a platform for politics and rambling about how bad the world is thanks to […]

Tom Steyer vows a $22 minimum wage, if elected president

If ya can’t beat ’em….out promise ’em? That seems to be the thinking behind Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer’s latest proposal. The billionaire wants to, if elected to the White House, raise the minimum wage […]

Chris Matthews ‘doesn’t like socialism’ and says ‘it doesn’t freaking work’

On Friday night, the Democrats hoping to occupy the Oval Office got together once again to yell at one another about the issues. Right away, as could’ve been expected, most of the field came out […]

Video perfectly captures current state of the Iowa Democratic Party

The Iowa Democratic Party is an absolute mess. The Iowa caucus was a week ago Monday and it wasn’t until Thursday or Friday that 100% were actually in, counted and released. But that hasn’t given […]