Warren blames ‘racism and oppression in this country’ for 6 women of color leaving campaign

All politicians pander in order to get votes. Republican, Democrat, Independent, party doesn’t matter because they all do it. It’s one of the reasons people absolutely hate politicians.

Of course, once politicians are sworn into office, it’s business as usual. When called out for broken campaign promises, politicians will spin and turn, claiming they didn’t really say what they said or that we’re just interpreting their words the wrong way.

Well, since we’re in campaign season, it’s time to pander. Currently, no one tells particular segments of the population what they want to hear in order to get their votes than those running for the Democratic nomination for president.

Following news that several African American women left the Elizabeth Warren campaign due to a “toxic work environment,” Warren apologized for the situation. She said that she has worked hard to create a welcoming environment.

While giving an apology, Warren also said the history of United States is to blame. More specifically, said it’s our country’s history of “racism and oppression” that helped to create such an environment.

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