Bloomberg campaign releases cringeworthy response to Trump acquittal

Most political campaigns have to use whatever money they get from donors in a judicious and practical way in order to make their limited funds go a long way. Unless, of course, you’re a billionaire who is able to self-fund, well then you can basically do what you want.

However, even if you’re a billionaire, it’s still makes good financial sense to know what you’re campaign is spending money on. Because that would keep your campaign from producing just horrendously bad, over-the-top dumb and idiotic material similar to latest video from the Bloomberg campaign.

On Thursday, President Trump gave remarks following his impeachment acquittal and like every other time Trump is in front of a microphone, he wander and jumped from topic to topic in what turned out to be a rambling campaign stump speech. Nevertheless, it finally ended and the Bloomberg campaign responded in just an embarrassingly awful fashion.

Seriously, what kind of drugs was the child on that produced this pathetic and inept display?

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