Meghan McCain presses Buttigieg on limits to abortion, he refuses to answer

Pete Buttigieg is a coward. Yes, I understand that most politicians are afraid of ever giving a straightforward answer on well, basically any topic or issue.

But what sets “moderate” Buttigieg apart from most politicians is that fact that he wears his religion on his sleeve, twisting and turning it, trying to make it conform to his political views.

For example, we constantly hear how much his Christian faith guides and informs his thinking and daily life, for that matter. But whenever he’s pressed on the issue of life – an issue where the Bible is pretty clear about killing the unborn – Buttigieg truly displays his lack of a spine. He either refuses to provide an answer or takes an extreme leftist position on the issue.

Moderate, midwest Buttigieg appeared on The View Thursday and was pressed on abortion by Meghan McCain. And once again, Buttigieg refused to stand up for life, instead placating the abortion-crazed left.

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