Mitt Romney says he will vote to remove Trump from office

In a stirring speech that went against party lines, Utah Sen. Mitt Romney announced he plans to vote to impeach President Trump. Calling the President’s actions “an appalling abuse of the public trust,” Romney choked up as he gave his reasons for arriving at the conclusion the President is unfit for office.

“The president asked a foreign government to investigate his political rival. The president withheld vital military funds from that government to press it to do so. The president delayed funds for an American ally at war with Russian invaders,” Romney said. “The president’s purpose was personal and political. Accordingly, the President is guilty of an appalling abuse of the public trust.”

“In some quarters, I will be vehemently denounced. I am sure to hear abuse from the President and his supporters,” he continued. “Does anyone seriously believe I would consent to these consequences other than from an inescapable conviction that my oath before God demanded it of me?”

Watch the full speech below.

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