Ironic: ‘Triggered’ author Don Jr. triggered over Romney’s vote

Last year, Don Jr., President Donald Trump’s son, wrote a book titled “Triggered.”

On Wednesday, though, it seemed that Don Jr. that was the one that was a bit triggered.

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney announced that he was going to break away from the rest of GOP and vote to impeach President Trump.

In announcing his decision to vote to remove Trump to Fox News, Romney said he had to “go with his conscience.”

Romney went on to say that:

I believe that the act he took, an effort to corrupt an election is as destructive an attack on the oath of office and our Constitution as I can imagine. It is a high crime and misdemeanor within the meaning of the Constitution, and that is not a decision I take lightly. It is the last decision I want to take.

Well, news of Romney’s intended vote to remove Trump from office didn’t sit well with Donald Trump’s eldest. In fact, Trump Jr. wants Romney expelled from the party.

He then on a tweet storm, much like his old man when Fox News runs a story that isn’t 100% favorable to him.

Even with Romney’s defection to vote with the Democrats, that is still nowhere near the two-thirds needed to remove a president from office.

As to Jr.’s suggestion to expel Romney from the Republican Party, I’m not really sure how you remove someone from a political party. And I’d bet Jr. doesn’t have any idea how to do it either.

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