Liberal radio host: ‘Reasonable to believe’ Trump, Putin behind Iowa Caucus mess

The Democratic presidential primary officially got underway Monday night in Iowa…kind of.

While Iowans may have gone to their respective caucus locations Monday for their candidate, we still have no idea who actually won.

Was it Bernie? Was it Biden? Possibly even Buttigieg? We still do not know.

Apparently, there was issues with an app Democrats were using to report figures as well as “inconsistencies”

Regardless of what candidate comes in 1st, 2nd or 3rd, I think we can all agree the biggest loser in this whole mess is the Iowa Democratic Party.

And just as you’d expect, people are already coming out with conspiracy theories about the whole debacle.

Liberal radio host Dean Obeidallah says it’s reasonable to believe that President Trump and Vladimir Putin had something to do with it even there is actually no proof at all.

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