CNN caught getting it wrong again, Biden campaign calls report ‘100% false’

At some point, maybe we’ll actually see who came out on top in Iowa.

But not matter what candidate comes out on top, the state of Iowa and the Iowa Democratic Party are already the biggest losers. Seriously, how inept do you have to be in order to screw up this royally?

Anyway, it appears that CNN is also making a run at being one of the biggest losers in the whole Iowa caucus debacle.

Hours before the numbers from Iowa were finally set to be released, CNN reported that they were hearing the Biden campaign was going to file an injunction in order to stop the results from being released.

But what’s absolutely mind blowing is the CNN’s John King actually says they aren’t sure if it’s true or not. But yet you still go on air and report it?

Well, the Biden campaign responded as you can imagine.

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