Elizabeth Warren: ‘A young trans person’ will select my secretary of education

Elizabeth Warren is so, so woke. Nearly every single day, the Massachusetts senator comes out with a dumber policy proposal than the day before.

She and Bernie Sanders are battling for a similar group of liberal voters and now, with the Iowa causes less then a week away, the full court press is on.

In addition to attempting to buy votes by promising massive expansion of entitlements, if elected, Warren is now explaining how she will pick those who serve in her administration.

Warren has an extremely woke way of selecting her secretary of education. Instead of actually interviewing the candidate herself, Warren will have a “young trans person” act as a proxy on her behalf.

Yes, in Iowa, Warren actually said that if this person is not OK’d by a “young trans person,” they won’t get any further in the interviewing process.

Elizabeth Warren is so woke, it’s stupid.

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