PETA wants to change the way we recognize Groundhog Day

People who belong to PETA are some of the worst individuals alive.

You want to be a vegetarian or vegan and believe animals should be treated humanely?

Ok, fine. Most of the population don’t want to and can’t stand to see animals suffer. As far as the diet thing goes, you don’t want to eat meat then don’t eat meat. No one is going to force you to enjoy a delicious hamburger or tear into a juicy turkey leg.

But that’s the problem with PETA, they want to keep you and I from eating meat, drinking milk and having pets. They are nothing but a leftist, fascist, attention-seeking organization that attempts to impose their will on the entire population.

This time, the insane people at PETA want to put an end to how we recognize Groundhog’s Day. Yes, they are concerned with how we recognize Feb. 2.

Instead of using an actual groundhog, they would rather use an AI groundhog.

Now much like PETA itself, this isn’t serious but is just yet another attempt at grabbing attention. Also, PETA seems to be perfectly fine with a machine taking that poor groundhog’s job.

And as they should, PETA received a fair amount of mockery for their idiotic suggestion.

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